2017 Filmmaker Official Selection


Short (11 mins) England

Directed by: Laith Sami
Written by: Bhavithrah Satkunarasa
Produced by: Laith Sami
Cast: James Richards, Sara Ballesteros, Braedan Newman, Arthur Verron

Synopsis: A dying woman reveals to her husband that their beloved only child is a product of a past affair. Forgive is a story that explores the theme of all-consuming loss in the wake of a devastating revelation. Can a father’s love endure such a betrayal?

Degree of Separation

Short (15 mins) Australia

Directed by: Kyahl Anderson and Dale Masti
Written by: Philip Cristian Claassen
Produced by: The Cloud Foundry, 3 Big Men Productions
Cast: Wesley Forke, Costas Kilias, Darren Mort, Arta Mucaj

Synopsis: Set in modern Australia, Degree of Separation follows the story of Troy as he navigates his life under the ever-present cloud of domestic violence. An unlikely ally is found in Virianna, an immigrant postal worker, but unbeknownst to Troy, Virianna has her own demons to face.


Short (18 mins)

Directed by: Julien Homsy
Written by:  Julien Homsy, Jane Landrey
Produced by: Julien Homsy, Morph Films
Cast: Patrick Haudecoeur, Vincent Grass, Gilles Detroit, Kate Homsy, Jane Landrey

Synopsis: In this adaptation of a Stephen King short story, Weber’s addiction to poker leads him into deep trouble. Forced to cover his debt to Mr Rudy, he reaches a point of no return.

The Turtle

Short (22 mins)

Directed by: Thomas BLUMENTHAL, Roman DOPOURIDIS
Written by: Thomas BLUMENTHAL, Roman DOPOURIS
Produced by: Laurent Helas
Cast: Lou Roy Lecollinet, Bastien Bouillon, Léo Lorleac’h

Synopsis: Leo, ten years old, has an older brother, Bastien. Bastien meets Julie in the grim bathroom of this nightclub. She is going to invite herself in Leo and Bastien’s lives. For a weekend, all taboos and rancours are going to emerge, and it will lead to the inevitable confrontation between the two brothers.

The Beautifully Drowned

Short (24 mins)

Directed by: Jon Dewar
Written by: Jon Dewar
Produced by: Jon Dewar, Robert W. Gray, Matt Rogers
Cast: Ariana Marquis, Jesse LaPointe, Madeleine Whalen, Matt Rogers, Reuben Stewart, Michelle Duncan, Kim Oxlund, Maya Saxell, Jessica Allison, Emily St. Pierre

Synopsis: A maritime fairy tale about a woman who longs for the day her husband will drown at sea.

No Song To Sing

Short (33 mins)

Directed by: Lukasz Gasiorowski
Written by: Maiko Takeda
Produced by: Ewen Bremner
Cast: Kenichi Masuda, Takuji Suzuki, Jon Bruce, Masahiro Hirakubo

Synopsis: A professional femme fatale enjoys selling fantasies to lonely men but when she becomes caught in the web of her own deceptions, she finds herself unable to pay the price of her own merchandise.


Feature (90 mins) USA

Directed by: Sam Upton
Written by: Sam Upton
Produced by: MaryAnn Tanedo
Cast: Sam Upton, Jared Abrahamson, Mark Boone Junior, Kate Vernon, Cassi Thomson, Laila Ali

Synopsis: A washed up, alcoholic ex-prizefighter makes a comeback to boxing after his top-middleweight contender son is wrongfully blinded in the ring.

The Fence

Short, Documentary (9 mins)

Directed by: Warren Pereira
Written by: Warren Pereira
Produced by: Warren Pereira
Cast: Aaron Levy, Luigi Pulcini

Synopsis: Short film that examines the controversial fence in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve that divides wildlife from mankind.

Mabel, Mabel, Tiger Trainer

Documentary (87 mins) USA

Directed by: Leslie Zemeckis
Written by:
Produced by: Robert Zemeckis, Sheri Hellard
Cast: Melissa Leo, Kelton Jones, Evan Finn, Oliver Schnee

Synopsis: A story of the world’s first female tiger trainer who claimed her love for her tigers was so great she wanted to die in the ring.


Short, Documentary (16 mins)

Directed by: Emiliana Ammirata (co-director)
Written by:
Produced by: Emiliana Ammirata (co-producer)

Synopsis: In the 1980’s, Garth acquired 640 acres with the intention of cultivating a sanctuary of harmonic co-existence between man and nature. He welcomes anyone passing through with open arms and a warm smile.

Desert Foreigners

Short, Documentary, Student (17 mins)

Directed by: Abraam A Mikhael
Written by:
Produced by: Antonious BassilyMareen El Masry, Abraam A Mikhael
Cast: Pierre GergisMike Hall

Synopsis: In the vacancy of the vast wilderness of the Egyptian Desert, Christian Monks seek solitude and peace. They renounce worldly pleasures and struggle to overcome their internal weaknesses and numerous extreme physical dangers with the objective of forming a deeper connection with their creator.

The Reality of Truth

Short, Documentary (83 mins) USA

Directed by: Michael ZapolinLaurent Levy
Written by: Michael Zapolin
Produced by: Adam Singer
Cast: Michelle Rodriguez, Deepak Chopra, Joel Osteen

Synopsis: This controversial documentary film follows Mike “Zappy” Zapolin and his friends including Michelle Rodriguez as the attempt to go inside their minds to expand their consciousness.  The group of “Psychenauts” have the direct experience with techniques including meditation, breathing, and shamanism.

The Other Side of Hacking: A Romanian Story In Four People

Short, Documentary (9 min)

Directed by: Luis De Leon
Written by:
Produced by: Luis De Leon

Synopsis: A short documentary following four people in the world of Romanian cyber security, each serving a different role and purpose.

The Crossing

Short, Documentary (12 mins)

Directed by: Charles Emir Richards
Written by:
Produced by: Charles Emir Richards
Cast: Berivan AzadiWassim Mukdad

Synopsis: Wassim and Berivan are  Syrian refugees living in Turkey that want to brave the dangerous crossing from Turkey to Greece on zodiac with the help of smugglers. As they trek across Turkey to meet the smugglers they recount their escape from Syria. They try to escape to the South. But they get caught by Assad’s security forces. They arrest Wassim and take him under custody where he gets tortured for 17 days and where he loses 17 kgs (37 lbs). Berivan starts to think that she is not going to see Wassim ever again. However, fate brings them back together and now the only thing they have in mind is to make a new life for themselves in Europe.

An Undeniable Voice

Short, Documentary (16 mins) USA

Directed by: Price Arana, Adam Rothlein
Written by:
Produced by: Sharon Stone
Cast: Sam Harris, Michael T. Marlett

Synopsis: Sam Harris, believed to be one of the youngest to survive the camps during the Holocaust, shares his amazing story of survival with philanthropist and activist, Sharon Stone.


Short, Documentary (62 mins)

Directed by: Martin Markovits
Written by: Andrew Rosati, Martin Markovits
Produced by: Martin Markovits, Matt Weinglass, Peter Marshall Smith, Andrew Rosati (co-producer), Carlos Corredor

Synopsis: A deep dive into the violent world of the Tupamaros — leftist vigilantes that patrol the streets of Caracas, Venezuela, fighting gangsters, government forces and even themselves.


Short, Documentary  (9 mins) USA

Directed by: Tommy Tang, Audrey Seda
Written by:
Produced by:
Cast: Lisa Graumlich, Yoram Bauman

Synopsis: An exploration of how the adoption of large-scale solar power can combat climate change and bring social good to people all around the world. We follow women solar engineers from developing countries, a stand-up economist, and the Dean of the College of the Environment at the University of Washington to learn about how this technology connects with other social issues.

The Bee Keeper

Short, Documentary (12 mins) USA

Directed by: Briana Gallo
Written by:
Produced by: Briana Gallo
Cast: Chico Colvard

Synopsis: 35 years ago, “Doc” was a cripple – that is until he tried bee sting therapy (Apitherapy) in Maine.  Since then, the 97 year-old retired dentist has lived an active and adventurous life – opening his home daily to treat and connect with a host of characters, lifelong friends and loved ones.

Food From The Sky

Short, Documentary, Student (12 mins)

Directed by: Jai Ashar
Written by: Jai Ashar
Produced by: Jai Ashar

Synopsis: With the world stricken by hunger and poverty, I go on a journey to find a solution. I meet all types of people ranging from farmers to government officials to see what the world has been doing to make a change. Through my journey, I find various technologies that can improve the food people get by allowing the common farmer to work with better equipment.

La Muneca Fea (The Ugly Doll)

Documentary (88 mins)

Directed by: George Reyes, Claudia Lopez Garcia
Written by: George Reyes, Claudia Lopez Garcia
Produced by: George Reyes, Claudia Lopez Garcia
Cast: Carolina Herrera, Maria Sanchez

Synopsis: Twenty-five elderly and active sex workers in Mexico City, between the ages of sixty and ninety, seek peace and community behind the walls of Casa Xochiquetzal, a shelter established for them by a former colleague and friend. The home is named for the Aztec goddess of flowers, beauty and sexual love.

Where Have You Gone Lou Dimaggio?

Documentary (75 mins)

Directed by: Brad Kuhlman
Written by:
Produced by: Brad Kuhlman, Lou DiMaggio, Allison Gorelik, Wendy Backofen, Greg Bardsley
Cast: Lou DiMaggio

Synopsis: From 1985 to 1989, Lou DiMaggio, no relation to baseball legend Joe DiMaggio, was a regular at the iconic ‘Catch a Rising Star’ comedy club in New York City.  For four years, Lou worked along side of and made lasting friendships with a small group of comedians who are some of the very best in the business. Larry David, Colin Quinn, Suzie Essman, Joy Behar, Jeff Garlin and Chris Rock are just a few of Lou’s old pals who appear in the film.   After all this time, can Lou rediscover his comedic voice and once again become relevant in the world of comedy?

Rod Taylor: Pulling No Punches

Documentary (80 mins) Australia

Directed by: Robert de Young
Written by: Stephan Wellink, Robert de Young
Produced by: Stephan Wellink, Robert de Young
Cast: Maggie Smith, Angela Lansbury, Veronica Cartwright, Tippi Hedren, Jack Thompson, Rod Taylor

Synopsis: With his recent role is in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards, Rod Taylor also featured in many influential films: The VIP’s, The Birds, The Time Machine, 36 Hours, Sunday in New York, Young Cassidy, The Glass Bottom Boat, Hotel, and Zabriski Point. He was one of the first leading actors to voice a Disney animated character when he portrayed the hero, Pongo, in 101 Dalmatians. The film features Maggie Smith, Tippi Hedren, Angela Lansbury, Veronica Cartwright, Baz Luhrmann, Stephan Elliott, Susie Porter, Bryan Brown, Jack Thompson, Keith Michell, and Rod himself.

The Call

Short (12 mins)

Directed by: Ethan Jahan
Written by: Gavin Culle
Produced by: Michael Stylianou
Cast: Chris Leacy, James kar, Yiannnis Manolopoulos, Reza Jouze

Synopsis: At home in his apartment, the man obsessively cuts out stories of war and terror from newspapers while the TV news blares. He meticulously tapes the cuttings to the walls of his living room, which are already covered in hundreds of articles.  A ringing cuts through the sound of the TV and, after fishing through the sea of papers carpeting the floor, the man uncovers an old style telephone and lifts the receiver.  The call is from the authority, who tells him his city is under attack, and that he should lock all doors and windows for his own safety.

The Followers of Gilgamesh

Short (15 mins)

Directed by: Abdul Jabbar Maki
Written by: Abdul Jabbar Maki
Produced by: Ghouna Jaber
Cast: Ben Robinson, Giannis Giannakopoulos, Vincent Corver, Falah Hannon

Synopsis: After the death of his father, a 12 year old boy devises a risky plan to find out why he was never allowed into his father’s room.  With questions still surrounding the cause of his father’s death, the truth that lies in the bedroom will shake the foundation of everything the boy ever knew.

The Little Dictator

Short (29 mins)

Directed by: Nurith Cohn
Written by: Emanuel Cohn
Produced by: Emanuel Cohn (co-producer)
Cast: Emanuel Cohn, Iris Penn, Ruth Geller

Synopsis: Professor Yossi Kleinmann, a religious Jew, gets stuck with a calamitous mustache at the 90th birthday party of his wife’s grandmother, a Holocaust survivor. The rest is history.

A Big love

Short (30 mins)

Directed by: Max Chicco
Written by: Max Chicco and Simona Rapello
Produced by: Max Chicco
Cast: Paolo Graziosi, Alessia Olivetti, Andrea Murchio, Ettore Scarpa, and Franco Barbero

Synopsis: Osvaldo Caforio is an old watchmaker, who is still in love with his wife Rosetta. One morning, as he is getting ready to go renew his identity card. Arrived at the civil register’s office, the attendant informs him that he can’t renew his identity card because, according to the electronic system, he’s dead. Osvaldo is at a loss and he doesn’t know what to do. The representative informs him that he has to follow protocol 25/A: he has to be reborn! And that’s exactly what happens. Osvaldo is reborn into the world and he finds himself in an infant’s body!

The Nest Egg

Short (14 mins)

Directed by: Lucy Patrick Ward
Written by: Lee Sutton
Produced by: Martina Silcock
Cast: Paul CopleyJames Northcote, Sarah Cunningham

Synopsis: Ernie is a widower with a windfall. He wants his wife, not the cash and comes up with an ingenious plan to find a deserving person to give it to.  Tracey and her daughter, Amy, have each other but no money.   Could fate and eggs bring them all together?  The Nest Egg: the story of a chicken suit, benevolence and eggs.

Wan Mei (Perfect)

Short (15 mins)

Directed by: Yiyi Yin
Written by: Yiyi Yin
Produced by: Saad Nawab
Cast: Allen Theosky Rowe, Wei-Yi Lin

Synopsis: When a man realizes his girlfriend has been unfaithful to him, he resorts to revenge… and the love of a mannequin.

Atomic Couple!

Short, Student (14 mins)

Directed by: Rodrigo Espinosa
Written by: Rodrigo Espinosa
Produced by: Constanza Castro
Cast: Jessa Zarubica, Ben Solenberger

Synopsis: Maggie Adams, a once promising nurse, is forced to confront the realities of her marriage when nuclear war breaks out and sets off a series of unexpected events that offer her a glimmer of hope to returning to who she yearns to be.


Short (16 mins) USA

Directed by: Justine Raczkiewicz
Written by: Justine Raczkiewicz
Produced by: Justine Raczkiewicz, Constanza Castro, Joanna Raczkiewicz, Domenica Castro
Cast: Amelia Gray, Luke Baines, Sarah Bartholomew, Martim Vian, Robert Brecko, Oliver Harwood, Lucas Lechowski

Synopsis: Roger lives a grim and detached life, picking up medical waste for a living, but looks forward to his evening conversations with his quirky roommate and foodie, Olive. But as the meals become increasingly strange, and push the limits of curiosity, Roger must ask himself how far he will go for love?

The Curse of Don Scarducci

Short (18 mins)

Directed by: Chris Fondulas
Written by: Chris Fondulas
Produced by: Chris Fondulas, Brady Kirchberg, James Canty, Jessie Hoyt, Angel D’apice (Associate Producer)
Cast: Neil Parisi, Maulik Pancholy, Halley Feiffer, Alec Baldwin

Synopsis: Life is good for Don, a rough and tumble mobster, until the day he discovers his intolerance to gluten, and can no longer enjoy the staples of his everyday mobster diet. As his food habits change, so do his demeanor and lifestyle, but it all goes south when his mob family discovers his new life.

Susie Sunshine

Short (18 mins) USA

Directed by: Chelsea O’Connor
Written by: Chelsea O’Connor
Produced by: Chelsea O’Connor, Elizabeth Engle, Jessica Howell, Marisa Ruby
Cast: Jessica Howell, Melissa Marie Elias, Jeff Corbett, Geoffrey Wade

Synopsis: In an alternate world, imbued with the style and sensibilities of our 1950’s, Martin Energy maintains its position of power by dominating the energy market with its unique process of harnessing women’s emotional intelligence and strength to generate resources such as sunshine, electricity, and fire.

Cuckold Picasso

Short (5 mins)

Directed by: Lance Larson
Written by: James R Adams II, Lance Larson
Produced by: Stephen Sweeney
Cast: Micah Fitzgerald, Gia Vangieri

Synopsis: “A powerful, jolting experience to the senses that forces the viewer into introspection.”- Persis LOVE, Oaxaca FilmFest

Pablo Picasso’s “1971 Harlequin Head”, thought forever lost in a Romanian fire, is found vividly alive in the disturbed psyche of a tortured man’s soul.  It is necessary to open a third eye–necessary to dare to look straight on at the things we need to face. In doing so, we free ourselves to embrace and learn from the things we are prone to unnecessarily fear the most.

Conspiracy Pie

Short (11 mins) USA

Directed by: Levi A. Taylor
Written by: Levi A. Taylor
Produced by: Levi A. Taylor, D.K. Johnston
Cast: Evan Silcox

Synopsis: Get ready for a nostalgic ride down memory lane to a time life was filled with Legos, video games and imaginative questions you’d muse with your best friend. Conspiracy P.I.E. reflects on friendship while reminding us to “never stop being that kid that asks why after everything.”

Other People’s Heads

Short (13 mins)

Directed by: Stephen Winterhalter
Written by: Stephen Winterhalter
Produced by: Stephen Winterhalter
Cast: Mark Ulrich

Synopsis: Set in a grotesquely decadent world, 12 legal officials are presiding over guillotine executions that go bizarrely wrong when the prisoners have an unexpected reaction to death. The officials have to then come to terms with the unbelievable horror they witness.


Short (15 mins)

Directed by: Morgan Roberts
Written by: Morgan Roberts
Produced by: Anastasiya Rul

Synopsis: Chett is abused by his parents and beat up at school until a classmate’s family takes him in and teaches him to protect himself.


Short (16 mins)

Directed by: Rodrigo Zanforlin
Written by: Rodrigo Zanforlin
Produced by: Rodrigo Zanforlin

Synopsis: A young weird and abused man breaks free from his oppressor father after they rob a bank.

The Shadow Hours

Short (19 mins)

Directed by: Kyle Higgins
Written by: Kyle Higgins
Produced by: Kyle HigginsNick EricksonJJ Vazquez
Cast: Tom RileyBritt LowerBear McCreary, Lindsey Moran, Michael Nie

Synopsis: A Neo-Noir following twin brothers born with a mysterious condition: only one of them can be awake at a time. Posing as one person, each awake for only half of a day, they make a living as private investigators… until a budding romance threatens to ruin their lives.

The Pretender

Short (26 mins)

Directed by: Nathan Morse
Written by:
Produced by: Nathan Morse
Cast: Ignacio Genzon, Michael Gore, Chalia Young, Oliver Cooper, Christian George, lex Arquette

Synopsis: Desperate to live life in a wheelchair, an unlikely friendship mobilizes this solitary man to cut off what’s been holding him back.

Return To Sender

Animation, Short, Student (3 mins)

Directed by: Catherine Bailey
Written by:
Produced by: Catherine Bailey

Synopsis: A romantic story about a guy, a girl and the mailbox that brings them together.


Animation, Short, Student (3 mins)

Directed by: Ariel Jew
Written by: Ariel Jew
Produced by: Ariel Jew

Synopsis: When his grandfather passes, a young Haida boy decides to finish the totem pole that they had started, using the memories that they had together.

Lil Bat

Animation, Short, Student (4 mins)

Directed by: Justin Gorski
Written by: Justin Gorski
Produced by: Justin Gorski
Cast: Beatriz Molina, Melissa Wang, Sam Lawrence

Synopsis: In desolate cave, a lone bat plays with his teddy bear under the watchful supervision of his cardboard parents.

Dear Dad

Animation, Short (6 mins)

Directed by: Carlos Hurtado
Written by: Carlos Hurtado
Produced by: Carlos Hurtado
Cast: Carlos Hurtado

Synopsis: The story of a person trying to survive cancer and realizing the most important thing is…

Victor & Isolina

Animation, Short (6 mins)


Synopsis: In the Unique style of Hybrid animation…Living apart, Victor and Isolina (now in their 80’s) answer questions about their life-long, complex and arduous relationship, posed from behind the lens of their documentary filmmaking Grandson. An adorable, touching, poignant love story in a funny he said/she said account.

I Am Dyslexic

Animation, Short, Student (7 mins)

Directed by: Mads Johan Øgaard, Katie Noel Wyman
Written by: Mads Johan Øgaard, Katie Noel Wyman
Produced by: Mads Johan Øgaard, Katie Noel Wyman
Cast: Mari Hajem, Ben Langham, Calum Meyer

Synopsis: The animated short film, I AM DYSLEXIC, expresses what it feels like to have a learning difference in our current school system. Those with learning differences should be proud of who they are and should never be made to feel alone. The film uses strong metaphors to portray these emotions, as we follow a little boy in his journey to climb a mountain in a world made of books.

Trouble Brewing

Animation, Short (8 mins)

Directed by: Timothy Heath
Written by:
Produced by: Karen Keister
Cast: David Perry

Synopsis: Eager to see the world, a rambunctious baby goat falls into the hands of a reclusive troll where he must learn that there are consequences for his actions or else he will pay the ultimate price.

The Killer Buzz

Animation, Short (8 mins)

Directed by: Barry Jackson
Written by: Barry Jackson
Produced by: Barry Jackson

Synopsis: The flies compete for the love of a ladybug until things reach cataclysmic proportions.

A Boy And His Beast

Animation, Short, Student (9 mins)

Directed by: Calley Macdonald
Written by: Crystal Perea
Produced by: Stephanie Alexander
Cast: Stephen Chiodo

Synopsis: A young boy must stop a creature that is terrorizing the countryside in 18th century France. But is it possible that he may be to blame for the beast?

Fox And The Whale

Animation, Short (12 mins)

Directed by: Robin Joseph
Written by:
Produced by: Robin Joseph
Cast: Kim Leow, Louis Vottero, John Poon

Synopsis: The tale of a curious fox who goes in search of an elusive whale. a journey of pursuit, longing and discovery.


Animation, Short (12 mins)

Directed by: Sebastian Brown
Written by: Sebastian Brown
Produced by: Sebastian Brown

Synopsis: CG3d Animated Short film is about MeeGGo, who live in a village of eggs on a distant planet; they do nothing but lay around, never trying to discover what exists outside of their shells: the moral to never give up to become who you are and want to be.

The Trees of Eden

Animation, Short (15 mins)

Directed by: Dwight Hwang
Written by:
Produced by:

Synopsis: When Esarhaddon, a cruel Assyrian King conquers an unsuspecting nation, a mysterious old man appears and transforms the king into the image of the defeated, forcing him to experience the very lives that he has sought to destroy. Based on Tolstoy’s ‘Esarhaddon, King of Assyria.’

Legendary AD

Documentary (96 mins)

Directed by: Leonardo Corbucci (DGA)
Written by: Leonardo Corbucci
Produced by: Leonardo Corbucci
Cast: Mark Anthony Little, Burt Bluestein, William Paul Clark, Nick Satriano, David H. Venghaus Jr, Brian E. Frankish, David McGiffert, Jason Roberts, Donald Sparks, Nilo Otero, Dan Kolsrud

Synopsis: What do ‘Star Wars’, ‘The Godfather’, ‘Back to the Future’, ‘Batman’, ‘Goonies’, ‘Saving Private Ryan’, ‘Top Gun’, ‘Pirate of the Caribbean’, ‘Interstellar’ and ‘Pulp Fiction’ all have in common? LEGENDARY ADs.

What Fresh Hell

Short, Student (11 mins)

Directed by: Can Turedi
Written by: Hannah Leigh
Produced by: Can Turedi
Cast: Vasilios Sfinarolakis, Ece Diler, Bette Gordon, Elif Ayan

Synopsis: A teenage girl is stuck in a psychological war with her mother in an isolated beach town.

Come Ride With Me

Short, Student (13 mins)

Directed by: Can Turedi
Written by: Jacob Langsner
Produced by: Adam Present, Paul Horowitz, Lauren Rothman
Cast: Lauren RothmanEllis JonesJe’Quan Sailes-IrvingMounia AklBryan ManningWilliam BlackmanAlbie SmithMarianna KaimakliotisJiwan Lee, Markus Englmair

Synopsis: Come Ride With Me is a student film created at the National High School Institute in Evanston, IL. Based off of the short story “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been” by Joyce Carol Oates, it tells the story of 15 year old Connie, who is eager to see the world until unexpectedly hit head-on by its harsh reality.

Johnefe, 17

Short, Student (14 mins)

Directed by: Alfonso Jaramillo Gomez
Written by:
Produced by: Alfonso Jaramillo Gomez, Ashley Alexander
Cast: Lasse Uldeval Tolbøll, Ana Maria Duque Guevara

Synopsis: An off duty soldier travels with a teenager from the slums of Bogota to work at a ranch and has to decide whether to carry out the orders he was given.

Up The River

Short, Student (15 mins)

Directed by: Alejandra Castro
Written by: Alejandra Castro
Produced by: Lia Gotz, William Gallegos
Cast: Barbie RobertsonMegan Pribyl

Synopsis: Following a year of estrangement, Anna visits her older sister in prison to reveal the actual reason for her sentence which will change their relationship forever.


Short, Student (15 mins)

Directed by: Harley Chamandy
Written by: Harley Chamandy
Produced by: Harley Chamandy

Synopsis: Following the death of his mother, a son must help his father close the book on a unresolved issue.


Short, Student (22 mins)

Directed by: Shai Itzhar
Written by: Chen Shilat
Produced by: Onn Nir
Cast: Moran Gamliel, Matan Akerman

Synopsis: A patient in a psychiatric hospital falls in love with a bird and tries to convince his therapist that she’s the one. The arrival the of bird changes everything.


Short, Student (29 mins)

Directed by: Julius Telmer
Written by:
Produced by: Sweta Rai

Synopsis: An unhinged teenager maneuvering the threshold of manhood escalates a territorial fight with his mother’s violent boyfriend when he learns of their pregnancy.

No Stranger Pilgrims

Short (27 mins)

Directed by: Andres Rovira
Written by: Andres Rovira
Produced by: Andres Rovira

Synopsis: In the remote desert commune of Slab City, a reunited father and son struggle to heal old wounds and unmask the secrets of the universe(s).


Feature (97 mins)

Directed by: Kieran Valla
Written by: Kieran Valla, Levi Smock (co-writer)
Produced by: Kieran Valla, Alvaro Baquero, Daniel Marks, Levi Smock
Cast: Alex Shaffer, Bill Sage, David Fierro, Erin Drake, Kevin Bigley, Kim Director, Matthew Shear, Sam Dillon, Rollin Hunt, Vanara Taing, Megan Spatz

Synopsis: Delinquent is the thrilling and dramatic exploration of a teenager’s struggle to manage the fall-out of a robbery gone wrong.

Before The Fall

Short (12 mins)

Directed by: Kamelya Alexan
Written by: Brian Soszynski
Produced by: Kamelya Alexan
Cast: Brian Soszynski (Art Director, Production Designer), Cooper Hill, Emily Adams, John Mays, John Soszynski, Kristen Magee, Tim Caldwell, Megan Donnelly, Nickolas Talbot, Welson Youkhanna, San Zabinski, Adrian Anguiano, William Cox, Blake Lawrence, Justin Daughtery, Matt Russell, Michael Forrest, Tyler Roth, Billy Wikerson

Synopsis: In the midst of the American Civil War, a young boy named Thomas, determined to cure his dying mother, wanders into the woods motivated by a mythical story he was once told. It’s here that Thomas must decide the ultimate price he’s willing to pay for the life of someone he loves.

Open Concept

Short (12 mins)

Directed by: Benjamin Sagaser
Written by: Benjamin Sagaser
Produced by: James Rustin, Dave Patten, Portia Doubleday
Cast: Camryn Grimes, Alan Arguelles

Synopsis: When newlyweds Mary and Todd discover something out of the ordinary in the back of their trunk while on the way to their honeymoon, they quickly learn that marriage is going to be anything, but a bed of roses.

The Muse Will Find You Working

Short (12 mins)

Directed by: Wade Koch
Written by: Wade Koch
Produced by: Wade Koch
Cast: Jane McElroySofia Chicorelli Serna

Synopsis: A fiction writer unravels while a hole in her wall grows.


Short (16 mins)

Directed by: Matthew Manson
Written by: Matthew Manson
Produced by: Tobias LouieJohn Ramos

Synopsis: In 1991 – during a time of enormous racial strife – Daniel, a neurotic Jewish boy and Emefa, a brash Caribbean girl, become the unlikeliest of friends. When Daniel tries to take their relationship to the next level, Emefa is forced to choose between what’s right for her, and what her community demands.

Show Business

Short (21 mins)

Directed by: Clark Duke
Written by: Clark Duke (co-writer), Andrew Boonkrong (co-writer)
Produced by: Clark Duke, Andrew Boonkrong
Cast: Alessandra Torresani, Avital Ash, Brianne Howey, Christ Candy, Steven Weber, Andrew Santino, Chandler Duke, Erinn Hayes, Jon Daly, Kristen Bell, Robert Wuhl

Synopsis: A glimpse into the life of a somewhat successful actor and his friends and family.

Six Matches

Short (22 mins) USA

Directed by: Denis Agarkov
Written by: Denis Agarkov
Produced by: Marietta Volynska
Cast: Christopher Soren Kelly, Eric Roberts, Christian Martin, Hannah Telle, Egor Povolotskiy, Daniel Suett, Jeremy Pelsinski

Synopsis: Seasoned police inspector investigates the circumstances of a neurologist’s comatose state, resulting from a series of illegitimate experiments involving a neutrino generator.

Model Citizen

Short (26 mins) USA

Directed by: Matt Berman
Written by: Matt Berman
Produced by: Jack Serino
Cast: Angie Everhart, Scott Michael Campbell, Costas Mandylor, Traci Lords, Eddie Jemison, Kelly Perine, Kevin Farley

Synopsis: As Angie Everhart’s modeling career implodes, she decides to leave Los Angeles and go home to support her father running for reelection as Mayor. When health reasons cause him to drop out, she ponders whether to run in his place.

A Beautiful Day

Short, Student (4 mins)

Directed by: E-Jo Fang
Written by: E-Jo Fang
Produced by: E-Jo Fang

Synopsis: Sorry, you can’t die; it’s a beautiful day today.

The Artist’s Awakening

Short, Student (9 mins)

Directed by: Daniel Mejia
Written by: Daniel Mejia
Produced by: Daniel Mejia
Cast: Isaac Spooner, Matt Nickley, Samantha Binkered, Maria Gregory, Waydon Thomas, Mu Su, Rebecca Gianforcaro, Andres Forero, Roberto Garcia, Harald Bern Jahn, Wei Du, Shou Si, Anne Wold, Jade Scott

Synopsis: An uninspired artist goes in a quest to recover his inspiration.

Night Owls

Short, Student (11 mins)

Directed by: Allan Ignaczak
Written by: Allan Ignaczak
Produced by: Adrianna Fal (Associate Producer), Błażej Pasiński (Associate Producer)
Cast: Yann Seweryn, Marcelina Kręcijasz, Magda Budzyń

Synopsis: A shy teenager tries to be a successful bellman in a prestigious hotel, but his lack of social skills and confidence causes him to do poorly. As a result, he is moved to the night shift and when things couldn’t any get worse; he meets a fellow co-worker who changes everything.


Short, Student (11 mins)

Directed by: August Detering
Written by: August Detering
Produced by: Ryan Smith
Cast: Patrick McDermott

Synopsis: Rockswell makes a find on the beach that he is determined to uncover. As the hole gets deeper and deeper, the sun sets and the tide begins to roll in.

Tis The Season

Short, Student (14 mins)

Directed by: Tay O’Neil
Written by: Tay O’Neil
Produced by: Robert Schneeweis
Cast: Brock ForretteAllie HayBen Anderson

Synopsis: A short, dark comedy about a man curious as to why people commit suicide during the holiday season, while he himself attempts to do so.

When Pigs Fly

Short, Student (16 mins) USA

Directed by: Andrew Wood
Written by: Andrew Wood
Produced by: Kaveh Veyssi
Cast: Gavin Lewis, Glenn Howerton, Alex Bowman, Jayden Bartels, Mia Moore, Mike Quirk, Pedro Patricio, Dominic Rains, Shaun Sutton, Adam Linzey, Mallory Ortega, Tom Watts, Christ Morocco, Jan Benzouska, Johnson Thomasson, Joe Shirley, Barnet Kellman,  Micharl Fink

Synopsis: Sometimes, all you need to comfort a nine-year-old is a cold beer, a couple f-bombs, and a little magic.

The 86 “Los Ochos Seis”

Feature (97 mins)

Directed by: Javier Mujica
Written by: Javier Mujica, Thomas Piedra, Ernesto Ceballos
Produced by: Thomas PiedraCarlos Antonio Leon, David Da Silva, Claudia Lepage
Cast: Ernesto Ceballos, Erik Ronzo, Carlos Antonio Leon, Martha Tarazona, Thomas Piedra

Synopsis:  Inspired by true events, “The 86” highlights the activities of a band of 86 street thugs that were famous for their strong presence in the Caracas’s scene during the 1980’s.

Golan A Farewell To Mr. Cinema

Documentary (74 mins)

Directed by: Christopher Sykes
Written by: Christopher Sykes
Produced by: Christopher Sykes
Cast: Menahem Golan, Naomi Golan, Christopher Swayne

Synopsis:  Cinema is the godliest art!’The last days of Menaham Golan, mogul.

John G. Avildsen: King of The Underdogs

Documentary (78 mins) USA

Directed by: Derek Wayne Johnson
Written by: Derek Wayne Johnson
Produced by: Derek Wayne Johnson, Chris May, Emmett James
Cast: John G. Avildsen, Burt Reynolds, Jerry Weintraub, Martin Scorsese, Ralph Macchio, Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire

Synopsis:  An examination of the life, career and films of the Oscar-winning director of ‘Rocky’ and ‘The Karate Kid’ featuring exclusive never-before-seen interviews from Sylvester Stallone, Ralph Macchio, Martin Scorsese, Burt Reynolds, Jerry Weintraub, Talia Shire and many more.


Short (4 mins) USA

Directed by: Marc Pannia
Written by: Marc Pannia (Co-Writer), Lilianna Wilde (Co-Writer)       
Produced by:
Cast: Reiley Dandy, Sam Krumrine, Marco Tomselli, Matthew Part

Synopsis: In the blink of an eye, Sam circles back to memories as his relationship falls apart. While living in the past, will he miss what’s right in front of him?


Short (5 mins) USA

Directed by: Alexandria Rizik
Written by: Alexandria Rizik      
Produced by: David Rizik, Tracy Rizik, Jessica Horrigan
Cast: Tyler Burke, Farrell Roland, Stephanie Dobash, Joseph Bassani, Colin Dobash, Brandon Chavez, Benson Farris, Cam Watters, Justin Morina, Kayla Windsor, Nate Doane, Cobe Bourbon

Synopsis: Contentment is a short film exploring contentment vs. happiness through our protagonist, Scout, and her relationships with two different men.

The Girl Who Invented Kissing

Feature (106 mins) USA

Directed by: Tom Sierchio
Written by: Tom Sierchio      
Produced by: Corey Large, George Zakk
Cast: Dash Mihok, Suki Waterhouse, Vincent Piazza, Abbie Cornish, Johnny Messner, Luke Wilson

Synopsis: The Girl Who Invented Kissing is a beautifully written ensemble drama by veteran screenwriter Tom Sierchio (‘Untamed Heart’). Set in Bloomfield, New Jersey, The Girl Who Invented Kissing is an intimate story about a nameless, pill-popping drifter girl who enters the life of two lonely brothers and changes them forever. It is the tale of Victor, a lovable lummox who is often the butt of the joke in the neighborhood.

Forest of Light

Short (12 mins)

Directed by: Nathan Garduno
Written by: Nathan Garduno      
Produced by: Zach Griffin, Zack Gross
Cast: Steven Labovitch, Amanda Bowen

Synopsis: A boy runs away from home after the death of his mother, and hopes to understand why his heart aches.


Short (17 mins) USA

Directed by: Adam Hancock
Written by: Joe Bartenhagen      
Produced by: Adam Hancock, Joe Bartenhagen, Kelsey Daniels
Cast: T.J. Lowther, Paul Kiernan, Michael Patwin, Caitwin Barrett, Rick McFarland

Synopsis: A deeply troubled man, reeling from a failed office romance, journeys into new mental territory and quite possibly time travel.

Zen Dog

Feature (95 mins) USA

Directed by: Rick Darge
Written by: Rick Darge      
Produced by: Rick Darge, Damien Monier, Mark Watts, Morten Hansen
Cast: Kyle Gallner, Adam Herschman, Celia Diane, Clea DuVall, Devin Finch, Alan Watts, Leah Russell, Shawn Smith, Richard Gonzalez, Craig Samuels, Fletcher Alliston, Sasha Glasser, Diana Khimshiashivili, Andrew Henry

Synopsis: Trapped by daily routine, a man experiences complete freedom by dreaming himself across the country in a psychedelic Volkswagen with the guiding words of philosopher Alan Watts.

Smoke and Mirrors

Short (5 mins) USA

Directed by: Jeff Stolhand
Written by: Mary Anzalone      
Produced by:Mary Anzalone
Cast: Mary Anzaone, Gina Fanara

Synopsis: Things are not quite as they seem as a homeless woman with the heart of a poet shares her philosophy on life with a friend.


Short (10 mins)

Directed by: Logan George, Celine Held (Co-Director)
Written by: Logan George, Celine Held (Co-Writer)
Produced by: Logan George, Celine Held (Co-Producer)
Cast: Aamarhi Nicholson, Nikesh Ghimire, Shahla Al Balushi, Yuza Hiroumi, David Baloche

Synopsis: Things are not quite as they seem as a homeless woman with the heart of a poet shares her philosophy on life with a friend.

Walk For Me

Short (12 mins) USA

Directed by: Elegance Bratton
Written by: Elegance Bratton
Produced by: Elegance Bratton (Executive Producer), Ashley Alexander, Harry Cepka, Brittany Fennell, Yolonda Ross
Cast: Yolongda Ross, Aaliyah King, Brenda Holder

Synopsis: Hassan Kendricks is set to make his Femme Queen debut in the shimmering lights of the Ballroom scene voguing as a girl named Hanna.  His two worlds collide when his mom shows up and discovers her secret life.

It Happened Again Last Night

Short (14 mins) USA

Directed by: Gabrielle Stone (Co-Director), Roze (Co-Director)
Written by: Gabrielle Stone (Co-Writer), Roze (Co-Writer)      
Produced by: Gabrielle Stone (Co-Producer)
Cast: Elizabeth Mihelich (Production Manager), Alex Lynn Ward, Randy Wayne, Adalgiza Chermont, Amanda Wyss, Christ Mulkey, MQ TRan, Sydney Sweeney, Jayson Crothers, Lauryn Berger, Chad Braker, Daniel D. Smith, John Avarese, April Garcia, Julie Marquez

Synopsis: Paige must choose between love and fear before she has no choices left to make.

Apricot Groves

Feature (80 mins)

Directed by: Pouria Heidary Oureh
Written by: Pouria Heidary Oureh     
Produced by: Pouria Heidary OurehAli Sadraei
Cast: Pedram Ansari, Narbe Vartan, Samvel Sarkisyan, Hovhannes Azoyan

Synopsis: Aram, the Iranian Armenian youth who has immigrated to the US in childhood returns to Armenia for the first time to propose to an Armenian girlfriend Aram met and lived with in the US. Aram sees many cultural, religious, and national differences on the one day trip, but harder obstacles are ahead.