Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Final Day of Screenings


TCL Chinese 6 Theatres
6925 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028

BLOCK 1 at 2:30 pmBLOCK 2 at 3:30 pmBLOCK 3 at 4:45 pmBLOCK 4 at 5:45 pmBLOCK 5 at 7:45 pmBLOCK 6 at 8:15 pm

“Gun” at 1:00 PM in Theater 4




Producer(s): MaryAnn Tanedo

Director(s): Sam Upton

Writer(s): Sam Upton

Cast & Crew: Sam Upton, Jared Abrahamson, Mark Boone Junior, Kate Vernon, Cassi Thomson, Laila Ali

Run Time: 90 minutes

Synopsis: A washed up, alcoholic ex-prizefighter makes a comeback to boxing after his top-middleweight contender son is wrongfully blinded in the ring.

BLOCK 1 at 2:30 PM in Theater 3


A Beautiful Day

Short, Student

Producer(s): E-Jo Fang

Director(s): E-Jo Fang

Writer(s): E-Jo Fang

Cast & Crew:

Run Time: 4 minutes

Synopsis: Sorry, you can’t die; it’s a beautiful day today.

The Artist’s Awakening

Short, Student

Producer(s): Daniel Mejia

Director(s): Daniel Mejia

Writer(s): Daniel Mejia

Cast & Crew: Isaac Spooner, Matt Nickley, Samantha Binkered, Maria Gregory, Waydon Thomas, Mu Su, Rebecca Gianforcaro, Andres Forero, Roberto Garcia, Harald Bern Jahn, Wei Du, Shou Si, Anne Wold, Jade Scott,

Luis ReyesRun Time: 9 minutes

Synopsis: An uninspired artist goes in a quest to recover his inspiration.

Night Owls

Short, Student

Producer(s): Adrianna Fal (Associate Producer), Błażej Pasiński (Associate Producer)

Director(s): Allan Ignaczak

Writer(s): Allan Ignaczak

Cast & Crew: Yann Seweryn, Marcelina Kręcijasz, Magda Budzyń

Run Time: 11 minutes

Synopsis: A shy teenager tries to be a successful bellman in a prestigious hotel, but his lack of social skills and confidence causes him to do poorly. As a result, he is moved to the night shift and when things couldn’t any get worse; he meets a fellow co-worker who changes everything.


Short, Student

Producer(s): Ryan Smith

Director(s): August Detering

Writer(s): August Detering       

Cast & Crew: Patrick McDermott

Run Time: 11 minutes

Synopsis: Rockswell makes a find on the beach that he is determined to uncover. As the hole gets deeper and deeper the sun sets and the tide begins to roll in.

Tis the Season

Short, Student

Producer(s): Robert Schneeweis

Director(s): Tay O’Neil

Writer(s): Tay O’Neil       

Cast & Crew: Brock ForretteAllie HayBen Anderson

Run Time: 14 minutes

Synopsis: A short, dark comedy about a man curious as to why people commit suicide during the holiday season, while he himself attempts to do so.

When Pigs Fly

Short, Student

Producer(s): Kaveh Veyssi

Director(s): Andrew Wood

Writer(s): Andrew Wood

Cast & Crew: Gavin Lewis, Glenn Howerton, Alex Bowman, Jayden Bartels, Mia Moore, Mike Quirk, Pedro Patricio, Dominic Rains, Shaun Sutton, Adam Linzey, Mallory Ortega, Tom Watts, Christ Morocco, Jan Benzouska, Johnson Thomasson, Joe Shirley, Barnet Kellman,  Micharl Fink

Run Time: 16 minutes

Synopsis: Sometimes, all you need to comfort a nine-year-old is a cold beer, a couple f-bombs, and a little magic.

BLOCK 2 at 3:30 PM in Theater 4


The 86 “Los Ochos Seis”


Producer(s): Thomas PiedraCarlos Antonio Leon, David Da Silva, Claudia Lepage

Director(s): Javier Mujica

Writer(s): Javier Mujica, Thomas Piedra, Ernesto Ceballos

Cast & Crew: Ernesto Ceballos, Erik Ronzo, Carlos Antonio Leon, Martha Tarazona, Thomas Piedra

Run Time: 97 minutes

Synopsis: Inspired by true events, “The 86” highlights the activities of a band of 86 street thugs that were famous for their strong presence in the Caracas’s scene during the 1980’s.

BLOCK 3 at 4:45 PM in Theater 3


GOLAN  A Farewell to Mr. Cinema


Producer(s): Christopher Sykes

Director(s): Christopher Sykes

Writer(s): Christopher Sykes        

Cast & Crew: Menahem Golan, Naomi Golan, Christopher Swayne

Run Time: 74 minutes

Synopsis: Cinema is the godliest art!’The last days of Menaham Golan, mogul.

John G. Avildsen: King of the Underdogs


Producer(s): Derek Wayne Johnson, Chris May, Emmett James,

Director(s): Derek Wayne Johnson

Writer(s): Derek Wayne Johnson       

Cast & Crew: John G. Avildsen, Burt Reynolds, Jerry Weintraub, Martin Scorsese, Ralph Macchio, Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire

Run Time: 78 minutes

Synopsis: An examination of the life, career and films of the Oscar-winning director of ‘Rocky’ and ‘The Karate Kid’ featuring exclusive never-before-seen interviews from Sylvester Stallone, Ralph Macchio, Martin Scorsese, Burt Reynolds, Jerry Weintraub, Talia Shire and many more.

BLOCK 4 at 5:45 PM in Theater 4





Director(s): Marc Pannia

Writer(s): Marc Pannia (Co-Writer), Lilianna Wilde (Co-Writer)       

Cast & Crew: Reiley Dandy, Sam Krumrine, Marco Tomselli, Matthew Part

Run Time: 4 minutes

Synopsis: In the blink of an eye, Sam circles back to memories as his relationship falls apart. While living in the past, will he miss what’s right in front of him?



Producer(s): David Rizik, Tracy Rizik, Jessica Horrigan

Director(s): Alexandria Rizik

Writer(s): Alexandria Rizik         

Cast & Crew: Tyler Burke, Farrell Roland, Stephanie Dobash, Joseph Bassani, Colin Dobash, Brandon Chavez, Benson Farris, Cam Watters, Justin Morina, Kayla Windsor, Nate Doane, Cobe Bourbon

Run Time: 5 minutes

Synopsis: Contentment is a short film exploring contentment vs. happiness through our protagonist, Scout, and her relationships with two different men.

The Girl Who Invented Kissing


Producer(s): Corey Large, George Zakk

Director(s): Tom Sierchio

Writer(s): Tom Sierchio       

Cast & Crew: Dash Mihok, Suki Waterhouse, Vincent Piazza, Abbie Cornish, Johnny Messner, Luke Wilson

Run Time: 106 minutes

Synopsis: The Girl Who Invented Kissing is a beautifully written ensemble drama by veteran screenwriter Tom Sierchio (‘Untamed Heart’). Set in Bloomfield, New Jersey, The Girl Who Invented Kissing is an intimate story about a nameless, pill-popping drifter girl who enters the life of two lonely brothers and changes them forever. It is the tale of Victor, a lovable lummox who is often the butt of the joke in the neighborhood.

BLOCK 5 at 7:45 PM in Theater 3


Forest of Light


Producer(s): Zach Griffin, Zack Gross

Director(s): Nathan Garduno

Writer(s): Nathan Garduno        

Cast & Crew: Steven Labovitch, Amanda Bowen

Run Time: 12 minutes

Synopsis: A boy runs away from home after the death of his mother, and hopes to understand why his heart aches.



Producer(s): Adam Hancock, Joe Bartenhagen, Kelsey Daniels

Director(s): Adam Hancock

Writer(s): Joe Bartenhagen

Cast & Crew: T.J. Lowther, Paul Kiernan, Michael Patwin, Caitwin Barrett, Rick McFarland

Run Time: 17 minutes

Synopsis: A deeply troubled man, reeling from a failed office romance, journeys into new mental territory and quite possibly time travel.

Zen Dog


Producer(s): Rick Darge, Damien Monier, Mark Watts, Morten Hansen

Director(s): Rick Darge

Writer(s): Rick Darge       

Cast & Crew: Kyle Gallner, Adam Herschman, Celia Diane, Clea DuVall, Devin Finch, Alan Watts, Leah Russell, Shawn Smith, Richard Gonzalez, Craig Samuels, Fletcher Alliston, Sasha Glasser, Diana Khimshiashivili, Andrew Henry

Run Time: 95 minutes

Synopsis: Trapped by daily routine, a man experiences complete freedom by dreaming himself across the country in a psychedelic Volkswagen with the guiding words of philosopher Alan Watts.

BLOCK 6 at 8:15 PM in Theater 4


Smoke and Mirrors


Producer(s): Mary Anzalone

Director(s): Jeff Stolhand

Writer(s): Mary Anzalone       

Cast & Crew: Mary Anzaone, Gina Fanara

Run Time: 5 minutes

Synopsis: Things are not quite as they seem as a homeless woman with the heart of a poet shares her philosophy on life with a friend.



Producer(s): Logan George, Celine Held (Co-Producer)

Director(s): Logan George, Celine Held (Co-Director)

Writer(s): Logan George, Celine Held (Co-Writer)       

Cast & Crew: Aamarhi Nicholson, Nikesh Ghimire, Shahla Al Balushi, Yuza Hiroumi, David Baloche

Run Time: 10 minutes

Synopsis: Four high schoolers across the world reveal their primal selves when faced with moral dilemmas.

Walk For Me


Producer(s): Elegance Bratton (Executive Producer), Ashley Alexander, Harry Cepka, Brittany Fennell, Yolonda Ross

Director(s): Elegance Bratton

Writer(s): Elegance Bratton

Cast & Crew: Yolongda Ross, Aaliyah King, Brenda Holder

Run Time: 12 minutes

Synopsis: Hassan Kendricks is set to make his Femme Queen debut in the shimmering lights of the Ballroom scene voguing as a girl named Hanna.  His two worlds collide when his mom shows up and discovers her secret life.

It Happened Again Last Night


Producer(s): Gabrielle Stone (Co-Producer)

Director(s): Gabrielle Stone (Co-Director), Roze (Co-Director)

Writer(s): Gabrielle Stone (Co-Writer), Roze (Co-Writer)      

Cast & Crew: Elizabeth Mihelich (Production Manager), Alex Lynn Ward, Randy Wayne, Adalgiza Chermont, Amanda Wyss, Christ Mulkey, MQ TRan, Sydney Sweeney, Jayson Crothers, Lauryn Berger, Chad Braker, Daniel D. Smith, John Avarese, April Garcia, Julie Marquez

Run Time: 14 minutes

Synopsis: Paige must choose between love and fear before she has no choices left to make.

Apricot Groves


Producer(s): Pouria Heidary OurehAli Sadraei

Director(s): Pouria Heidary Oureh

Writer(s): Pouria Heidary Oureh       

Cast & Crew: Pedram Ansari, Narbe Vartan, Samvel Sarkisyan, Hovhannes Azoyan

Run Time: 80 minutes

Synopsis: Aram, the Iranian Armenian youth who has immigrated to the US in childhood returns to Armenia for the first time to propose to an Armenian girlfriend Aram met and lived with in the US. Aram sees many cultural, religious, and national differences on the one day trip, but harder obstacles are ahead.