Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

Opening Night


TCL Chinese 6 Theatres
6925 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028

BLOCK 1 at 3 pmBLOCK 2 at 6:15 pmBLOCK 3 at 6:45 pmBLOCK 4 at 8:30 pmBLOCK 5 at 8:45 pm

BLOCK 1 at 3:00 PM in Theater 1




Producer(s): Laith Sami

Director(s): Laith Sami

Writer(s): Bhavithrah Satkunarasa

Cast & Crew: James Richards, Sara Ballesteros, Braedan Newman, Arthur Verron

Run Time: 11 minutes

Synopsis: A dying woman reveals to her husband that their beloved only child is a product of a past affair. Forgive is a story that explores the theme of all-consuming loss in the wake of a devastating revelation. Can a father’s love endure such a betrayal?

Degree of Separation 


Producer(s): The Cloud Foundry, 3 Big Men Productions

Director(s): Kyahl Anderson and Dale Masti

Writer(s): Philip Cristian Claassen

Cast & Crew: Wesley Forke, Costas Kilias, Darren Mort, Arta Mucaj

Run Time: 15 minutes

Synopsis: Set in modern Australia, Degree of Separation follows the story of Troy as he navigates his life under the ever-present cloud of domestic violence. An unlikely ally is found in Virianna, an immigrant postal worker, but unbeknownst to Troy, Virianna has her own demons to face.



Producer(s): Julien Homsy, Morph Films

Director(s): Julien Homsy

Writer(s): Julien Homsy, Jane Landrey

Cast & Crew: Patrick Haudecoeur, Vincent Grass, Gilles Detroit, Kate Homsy, Jane Landrey

Run Time: 18 minutes

Synopsis: In this adaptation of a Stephen King short story, Weber’s addiction to poker leads him into deep trouble. Forced to cover his debt to Mr Rudy, he reaches a point of no return.

The Turtle


Producer(s): Laurent Helas

Director(s): Thomas BLUMENTHAL, Roman DOPOURIDIS

Writer(s): Thomas BLUMENTHAL, Roman DOPOURIS

Cast & Crew: Lou Roy Lecollinet, Bastien Bouillon, Léo Lorleac’h

Run Time: 22 minutes

Synopsis: Leo, ten years old, has an older brother, Bastien. Bastien meets Julie in the grim bathroom of this nightclub. She is going to invite herself in Leo and Bastien’s lives. For a weekend, all taboos and rancours are going to emerge, and it will lead to the inevitable confrontation between the two brothers.

The Beautifully Drowned


Producer(s): Jon Dewar, Robert W. Gray, Matt Rogers

Director(s): Jon Dewar

Writer(s): Jon Dewar

Cast & Crew: Ariana Marquis, Jesse LaPointe, Madeleine Whalen, Matt Rogers, Reuben Stewart, Michelle Duncan, Kim Oxlund, Maya Saxell, Jessica Allison, Emily St. Pierre,

Run Time: 24 minutes

Synopsis: A maritime fairy tale about a woman who longs for the day her husband will drown at sea.

No Song to Sing


Producer(s): Ewen Bremner

Director(s): Lukasz Gasiorowski

Writer(s): Maiko Takeda

Cast & Crew: Kenichi Masuda, Takuji Suzuki, Jon Bruce, Masahiro Hirakubo

Run Time: 33 minutes

Synopsis: A professional femme fatale enjoys selling fantasies to lonely men but when she becomes caught in the web of her own deceptions, she finds herself unable to pay the price of her own merchandise.

BLOCK 2 at 6:15 PM in Theater 2



CLIKE HERE: 2nd screening scheduled for Saturday, April 29th, at 1:00 p.m.


Producer(s): MaryAnn Tanedo

Director(s): Sam Upton

Writer(s): Sam Upton

Cast & Crew: Sam Upton, Jared Abrahamson, Mark Boone Junior, Kate Vernon, Cassi Thomson, Laila Ali

Run Time: 90 minutes

Synopsis: A washed up, alcoholic ex-prizefighter makes a comeback to boxing after his top-middleweight contender son is wrongfully blinded in the ring.

BLOCK 3 at 6:45 PM in Theater 1


The Fence

Short, Documentary

Producer(s): Warren Pereira

Director(s): Warren Pereira

Writer(s): Warren Pereira

Cast & Crew: Aaron Levy, Luigi Pulcini

Run Time: 9 minutes

Synopsis: Short film that examines the controversial fence in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve that divides wildlife from mankind.

Mabel, Mabel, Tiger Trainer


Producer(s): Robert Zemeckis, Sheri Hellard

Director(s): Leslie Zemeckis


Cast & Crew: Melissa Leo, Kelton Jones, Evan Finn, Oliver Schnee

Run Time: 87 minutes

Synopsis: A story of the world’s first female tiger trainer who claimed her love for her tigers was so great she wanted to die in the ring.

BLOCK 4 at 8:30 PM in Theater 2



Short, Documentary

Producer(s): Emiliana Ammirata (co-producer)

Director(s): Emiliana Ammirata (co-director)


Cast & Crew:

Run Time: 16 minutes

Synopsis: In the 1980’s, Garth acquired 640 acres with the intention of cultivating a sanctuary of harmonic co-existence between man and nature. He welcomes anyone passing through with open arms and a warm smile.

Desert Foreigners

Short, Documentary, Student

Producer(s): Antonious BassilyMareen El Masry, Abraam A Mikhael

Director(s): Abraam A Mikhael


Cast & Crew: Pierre GergisMike Hall

Run Time: 17 minutes

Synopsis: In the vacancy of the vast wilderness of the Egyptian Desert, Christian Monks seek solitude and peace. They renounce worldly pleasures and struggle to overcome their internal weaknesses and numerous extreme physical dangers with the objective of forming a deeper connection with their creator.

The Reality of Truth

Short, Documentary

Producer(s): Adam Singer

Director(s): Michael ZapolinLaurent Levy

Writer(s): Michael Zapolin

Cast & Crew: Michelle Rodriguez, Deepak Chopra, Joel Osteen

Run Time: 83 minutes

Synopsis: This controversial documentary film follows Mike “Zappy” Zapolin and his friends including Michelle Rodriguez as the attempt to go inside their minds to expand their consciousness.  The group of “Psychenauts” have the direct experience with techniques including meditation, breathing, and shamanism.

BLOCK 5 at 8:45 PM in Theater 1


The Other Side of Hacking: A Romanian Story in Four People

Short, Documentary

Producer(s): Luis De Leon

Director(s): Luis De Leon


Cast & Crew:

Run Time: 9 minutes

Synopsis: A short documentary following four people in the world of Romanian cyber security, each serving a different role and purpose.

The Crossing

Short, Documentary

Producer(s): Charles Emir Richards

Director(s): Charles Emir Richards


Cast & Crew: Berivan AzadiWassim Mukdad

Run Time: 12 minutes

Synopsis: Wassim and Berivan are  Syrian refugees living in Turkey that want to brave the dangerous crossing from Turkey to Greece on zodiac with the help of smugglers. As they trek across Turkey to meet the smugglers they recount their escape from Syria. They try to escape to the South. But they get caught by Assad’s security forces. They arrest Wassim and take him under custody where he gets tortured for 17 days and where he loses 17 kgs (37 lbs). Berivan starts to think that she is not going to see Wassim ever again. However, fate brings them back together and now the only thing they have in mind is to make a new life for themselves in Europe.

An Undeniable Voice

Short, Documentary

Producer(s): Sharon Stone

Director(s): Price Arana, Adam Rothlein


Cast & Crew: Sam Harris, Michael T. Marlett

Run Time: 16 minutes

Synopsis: Sam Harris, believed to be one of the youngest to survive the camps during the Holocaust, shares his amazing story of survival with philanthropist and activist, Sharon Stone.


Short, Documentary

Producer(s): Martin Markovits, Matt Weinglass, Peter Marshall Smith, Andrew Rosati (co-producer), Carlos Corredor

Director(s): Martin Markovits

Writer(s): Andrew Rosati, Martin Markovits

Cast & Crew:

Run Time: 62 minutes

Synopsis: A deep dive into the violent world of the Tupamaros — leftist vigilantes that patrol the streets of Caracas, Venezuela, fighting gangsters, government forces and even themselves.

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