About the Festival

The Beverly Hills Film Festival (BHFF)

Hosted in one of the most renowned cities in the world since 2001, the International Beverly Hills Film Festival is considered among the most exclusive and influential film festivals in the world. Through linking the groundbreaking talent of emerging filmmakers and exposing the community to the latest innovations in the cinema field, the Beverly Hills Film Festival (BHFF) exists as a cinematic, cultural patron. The Beverly Hills Film Festival’s objective is to merge today’s filmmaking pioneers with the wealth of cinematic heritage by edifying and developing the cinematic community and enhancing the impact of the arts and humanities.

By bringing the entire community together, the Beverly Hills Film Festival welcomes over 44,000 attendees annually, providing them the platform to congregate and network for 5 days. The BHFF creates opportunities for the attendees to appear at the exciting red carpet publicity events, world premiers, and screenings of numerous exceptional films and be a part of educational panel discussions, workshops, and seminars, along with special events, and VIP after parties and priceless networking opportunities.

The Beverly Hills Film Festival’s (BHFF) vision is to establish a philanthropic identity as a cultural preserver and a fortified patron of literacy advancement in the fields of arts and humanities on a local and globalized level. The BHFF aims to involve and serve the next generation of entrepreneurs, investors, leaders, and advocates in its community to provide cause work opportunities; to partner with authors and educators who wish to inspire and enlighten the public in the field of arts and humanities; to create and host innovative, educational conferences, panel discussions, digital productions through partnerships with renowned institutions and organizations; to compile archival data and produce innovative material dedicated to cinematic history and theory; to recognize and reward the unique skills of emerging filmmakers; and to fulfill the philanthropic vision of its sponsors in order to preserve and enhance the culture of the arts in return.

Judge & Jury

Proud of our unique process, the BHFF JURY AWARDS selections are made by our members of the jury. Scholars, artists, critics, and BHFF trustees discuss, debate, and determine the most outstanding achievements of the year in their categories: best feature, best documentary, and best short film. The BHFF jury convenes each year during the festival for deliberation and is comprised of an exceptional number of influential leaders in the entertainment industry.

Panels & Discussions

Along with the abundance of great movies presented at the Beverly Hills Film Festival come many of the movie makers themselves: renowned directors, producers, writers, cinematographers, and actors; their collective wealth of talent and wide experience range are truly priceless. Through a variety of expert panel presentations, discussions, workshops, and seminars, these artists provide festival attendees a unique opportunity for a glimpse inside the fascinating world of filmmaking and screenplay writing on a professional level.

Whether you are a budding filmmaker yourself, a “cinemaniac,” or just someone who likes going to the movies, these exceptional panel discussions and educational workshops will entertain you, surprise you, and enrich your appreciation and business knowledge of filmmaking and screenplay writing. Don’t miss this chance to get up close and personal with some of the best in the business our industry has to offer.

Organizations who have participated
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Gala Awards Ceremony

An intimate, black-tie, Gala Awards Ceremony concludes the International Beverly Hills Film Festival each year. Held at the historic, five-star, luxury, Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire Hotel, the beautiful Sofitel Los Angeles, or another five-star luxury venue, this event is the crown jewel of the festival. Located in the center of Hollywood, the chosen hotel boasts a celebrity clientele and remarkable history that represents the identity of the BHFF each year. Each year, the BHFF leaders and organizers are reminded, through heart-felt expressions, of how the Gala Awards Ceremony is considered a permanent mark in filmmakers and screenplay writers’ artistic career, allowing the artists to ponder on the unique week they have spent at the BHFF.



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