TITLE: Regicide

WRITER: Arun Vir


WRITER: Vernon Turner

TITLE: Succulent & Savory

WRITER: Jasmine ODonnell

TITLE: Remains

WRITER: Jeremy Fisette

TITLE: Sundust

WRITER: Lilly Hearns

TITLE: Renaissance Man

WRITER: Robert Tolz

TITLE: Roadkill

WRITER: Richard Butchins

TITLE: The Antwickmites

WRITER: Raymond Harrison

TITLE: Rocket Girl

WRITER: Joe Gonzales

TITLE: The Anonymous Assassin


TITLE: Searching for Asia

WRITER: Garey Riester

TITLE: The Arrogance of The Rich

WRITER: Nicolas Roquefort-Villeneuve

TITLE: See Me Now

WRITER: Jim Stegall

TITLE: The Aten

WRITER: Nephratiti Cobb

TITLE: Seriah’s Legacy

WRITER: Julie Kaufmann

TITLE: The Black Cat of Stockholm

WRITER: Charles Davis

TITLE: Shooting Stars

WRITER: Thomas Flocco

TITLE: The Cerulean Star: Liberty

WRITER: Sharon Cramer

TITLE: Simmering

WRITER: Rolando Zee

TITLE: The Champion of The World

WRITER: Robert Holl


WRITER: Christopher Drzewiecki

TITLE: The Cypherian: Lineage

WRITER: D.K. Johnston

TITLE: Stage Four

WRITER: Jerome Velinsky

TITLE: The Dam

WRITER: Daveion Lashley

TITLE: Stages

WRITER: Tom Zarnowski

TITLE: The Death’s Source

WRITER: Yacine Staali

TITLE: Steel Harvest

WRITER: Christiaan Kutlik

TITLE: The Debt

WRITER: Michelle Patkowski

TITLE: Supot (Uncircumcised)

WRITER: Phil Giordano

TITLE: The Devil and Deputy Black

WRITER: Curtis Cameron

TITLE: Take Gentle Care

WRITER: Eric Hyde

TITLE: The Dirty Naturals: Where’s My Bunny

WRITER: Derek Willis

TITLE: Tea for Two

WRITER: Alpha Blair

TITLE: The Drome

WRITER: Hunter Davis

TITLE: Tectum

WRITER: Raed Assar

TITLE: The Ghost of Providence

WRITER: Scott Kirkpatrick

TITLE: The Godson

WRITER: Gary Koeppel

TITLE: The Plaintiff

WRITER: David Bartlett

TITLE: The Goldenhill Fortune

WRITER: Michael Peake

TITLE: The Prize

WRITER: Greg Morgan

TITLE: The Good Twin

WRITER: Zach Bliss

TITLE: The Proper Stranger

WRITER: Matthew Zoni

TITLE: The Greatest Trade of All

WRITER: Katerina Grishakova

TITLE: The Rebel Princess

WRITER: Guillermo Ramon

TITLE: The Interlude

WRITER: Paul G. OConnor

TITLE: The Remedy

WRITER: Sean LaFollette

TITLE: The Keys of Life

WRITER: Pat Streater

TITLE: The Second Coming

WRITER: Michael Baley

TITLE: The King’s Court

WRITER: Brandon Montgomery

TITLE: The Seduction of Auntie Rose

WRITER: Alpha Blair

TITLE: The Last Execution

WRITER: Tom Vecchio

TITLE: The Shroud

WRITER: Nino Abate

TITLE: The Last Indian War

WRITER: Michael Graf

TITLE: The Skins Game – Oct 2015

WRITER: Justin Neal

TITLE: The Love Hunters

WRITER: Ivan Bukta

TITLE: The Stone Addendum

WRITER: Richard Ehrenreich

TITLE: The MacKenzie Breakout

WRITER: Scott Simpson

TITLE: The Tailor from Taegu and Mrs. Abernethy

WRITER: Ruby Akin

TITLE: The Mirabell Town Festival

WRITER: Alessandro Nicolaci

TITLE: The Venetian Sword

WRITER: Michelle Sims

TITLE: The Mystic Sea

WRITER: mark nadratowski

TITLE: The Wall

WRITER: Philip Dorr

TITLE: The Nihilistic Mirror

WRITER: Danielle Parker

TITLE: The Wedding Photographer

WRITER: Emad Asfoury

TITLE: The Ostrich Farm

WRITER: Tyler Tice

TITLE: Mark Shilstone

WRITER: Emad Asfoury

TITLE: Tomato

WRITER: Adrian Moss

TITLE: Walls

WRITER: Alex Jones


WRITER: Maja Ramirez

TITLE: We Go Anywhere

WRITER: Eleanor Boes

TITLE: Tramps Like Us

WRITER: Marisa Torre

TITLE: Wine Tasting

WRITER: Justin Samuels

TITLE: Trigger

WRITER: Judson Vaughan

TITLE: Writing The End

WRITER: Massimiliano Mauceri

TITLE: Tug Hill

WRITER: Holly Stanford-Brown

TITLE: Writing The End

WRITER: Massimiliano Mauceri

TITLE: Two Birds With One Stoner

WRITER: Victoria Michaels

TITLE: Dad(s)

WRITER: Alice Barden

TITLE: Uncanny Valley

WRITER: Anthony Moore

TITLE: Good Behavioe

WRITER: R M Brockman

TITLE: Vietcom

WRITER: Steve Hanisch

TITLE: Paul Used To Be Good

WRITER: Victor Bumbalo

TITLE: Violent Delights

WRITER: Brye Cooper

TITLE: Visions of Sugar Plums

WRITER: Philip Sedgwick

TITLE: Vivekananda

WRITER: Yogesh Mehta

TITLE: Vodoun

WRITER: Stuart Creque

TITLE: Voices

WRITER: Susan Klos

TITLE: Waiting In Eternity

WRITER: paul D. bestolarides

TITLE: Walking Point

WRITER: Diann Beck